White Fly Tarot

by Danilo Sanino

The White Fly Tarot is dedicated to beginners and professionals.

This deck narrative derives from both Fantasy and Grotesque themes, it summarizes 10 years of my career as an illustrator full time job.

It is housed in a printed box with a cover.

A special guidebook accompanies the deck and provides meaning for all cards in their upright and reversed positions. Languages: English & Italian.

Get your own deck of The White Fly Tarot!

The White Fly Tarot comprises 78 cards created for divinatory purposes.
The measures of the cards are: 2.75 x 4.72″ (inches) and 7 cm x 12 cm (centimeters).

About me

Hi there! My name is Danilo Sanino, I have worked as a full time illustrator for 14 years. In this Tarot Deck, I have summarized my skills and passions. I love the occult, Astrology and Tarology. I have created the WhiteFly Tarot during the pandemic, learning a lot by myself. I hope you will love it.